Woah. I haz a book!
...and how cool is that?

After lots of work on lots of other people's books, I have finally put out a book of my very own. It's beautiful and shiny and there's even a story by me!

The print version has been submitted to Amazon.com and will be live within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the ebook is available for $3.99 (epub or kindle) directly from the publisher at this link. It's also up on the Amazon store, but if you're just buying the ebook there's no shipping, and buying direct gives more money to the publisher instead of to Amazon.

I'm so, so proud of this book. It's been a year and a half in the making and it's almost everything I dreamed it would be -- everything except a big hit. That's where you come in. :)

Please read. Enjoy. And please review it on Amazon or Goodreads if you enjoy.

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In the process of tagging the voice memos from my phone, I'm listening to my recording of the "What Makes a Hero" panel from Ad Astra.

Tamora Pierce: "Here we are, born to be kings. We're the princes of the universe."

Me: "Fear us."

I'm the obsessive planning type, so realizing on Tuesday that the schedule had cleared, fates had aligned, and we were, after all, going to go up to Norwescon on Friday was the kind of spontaneous last-minute trip that never happens to me.

But wow, I'm really glad it did.

The folks at Pyr were welcoming, and I'm proud to be editing for them and a part of their extended family. Matt and I closed out the bar with Lou Anders, Sam Sykes, Todd Lockwood, Sandra Wickham, Erin Hoffman (whose book I edited) and Jay Ridler, and others. I met up with friends I only get to see at cons, shared stories and opportunities, learned a lot, drank a lot, and had a lot of fun. I was also glad to spend some quality time with Jay Lake and Erik Scott de Bie, two great writers and all-around great guys.

It was also kind of nice going to a con as a "civilian" for a change, but sitting in on some interesting panels made me restless to be able to contribute my point of view. As terrified as I am of public speaking, I also enjoy it quite a bit.

So, I'm home, mostly recovered -- it's a novelty to travel within my own time zone -- and back to work. I'm home for two or three weeks now. My next trip is to New Jersey/Philadelphia in May.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra is my favorite convention of the year.

I did some great panels, met great people, had quality time with my authors and collaborators, helped with a fantastic book launch, announced the lineup for my anthology and started devious plotting toward the next one...and even got an hour or two of sleep!

This week I'll be catching up on networking, doing lots of editing, and meeting up with an author or two.

Catch me next at Balticon - May 28-30, Baltimore, MD.

"Our job is not to predict the future. Rather, it's to suggest all the possible futures—so that society can make informed decisions about where we want to go. George Orwell's science-fiction classic Nineteen Eighty-Four wasn't a failure because the future it predicted failed to come to pass. Rather, it was a resounding success because it helped us prevent that future." Robert J Sawyer

from The Purpose of Science Fiction posted on slate.com

Blog Post
This one's on Speculative Fiction and Speculation.

I'm really happy with the blog redesign, and aware that the "share to Facebook/Twitter" buttons don't quite work as advertised yet. We're working on it!

the waiting part
I'm very excited now that TOOTHLESS is so close to being released into the wild.

Someone asked me earlier this week what I thought the most tedious part of editing books was, and I said without hesitation, "The waiting." Publishing moves at such a pace that there's a long gap between finishing a book I'm excited about and waiting for its release so that I can really share it with other people and see them fall in love with it, too.

After TOOTHLESS comes TRIPTYCH, by JM Frey. While very different, it's another book I'm in love with. Editorial work is finished on it, but it doesn't come out until April, 2011. April is feeling very far away.

But, as is also the nature of things, I'm keeping busy juggling the editing and production of the next three books in my queue, so I don't have time to think about the waiting for long.

Blogs and bookish things
I've noticed that people seem to like it when I post about the submissions process and rejection letters, so today's post is one of those. It's not a particularly happy or gentle post, but sometimes publishing is full of harsh realities, too.

Unfortunately, it can't be all glowing book reviews, as nice as that would be. TOOTHLESS is available for preorder from Dragon Moon Press's website, by the way.

Several secret projects are in the works, progressing at a good pace. I'll have preorder info for an anthology with a fun little story of mine in it, sometime soon.

For now, I'll plug a just-released anthology that features a few of my friends and colleagues: Rigor Amortis -- horror and erotica, zombies and romance.

Review: TOOTHLESS by JP Moore

J.P. Moore, Dragon Moon (Ingram, dist.), $19.95 trade paper (262p)
ISBN 978-1-897492-18-5

Despite the title, this gritty supernatural historical has plenty of
bite. In 12th-century France, corpses are being animated by a force
called the Black Yew. Resurrected Templar Martin, now called
Toothless, breaks free of the Yew's domination to fight against its
depredations. Compelling and well told with only occasional lapses
into cliché, this is an unusual mapping of familiar fantasy territory.
Moore explores the troubled unlife of a reformed zombie in detail,
both from Toothless's perspective and through the eyes of the
skeptical living ("Sympathy from one of the Yew's dead. Tenderness.
Something about it turned her stomach"). Toothless himself is an
introspective, complex protagonist, and his quest to recover what he
can of his past is by turns moving, intriguing, and highly
entertaining. (Nov.)

Parsec Awards -- 2010 Finalists
My story "Swimming Lessons" from P.G. Holyfield's "Tales of the Children" anthology is a Parsec Award finalist. http://parsecawards.com/2010finalists

I'm completely floored! Productivity = 0. Staring at list of names and trying not to squee = 1.


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