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I rode in a little prop plane up to Portland today. I meant to nap on the plane, but the view was too gorgeous to miss. Portland is like Austin, but with cooler weather.

It's quite comfortable here, save for the strangeness of driving other people's cars and the notable lack of loud, clingy cats. I got a good chunk of pleasure reading done today, as well as a good chunk of work on the current editing project. jaylake and the_child and mlerules are good company.

I printed out my short story in progress and made lots of margin notes on it. 4000 words is going to come quickly on this one; I'm going to have to go back to my outline (yes, I outline when I write short fiction, for just this reason) and rethink how much story I'm going to be able to tell.

But that's a task for tomorrow.

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You do work an awful lot, don't you? Even when away?

I do work a lot, but thankfully very little of it is awful. :)

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