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Reading, Writing, Vision
I came home from DragonCon with fewer books than I took with me, and with different books than I took with me, so I consider that a win. It means that my To Be Read pile is actually calling out for my attention and has grown beyond all hope of catching up, but that's a good thing, too.

My next short story is as outlined as it's going to get. It's still got a lot of questions built in, and I have to see what shape it takes in order to know the best ways to address those questions, but I think it's ready to be written. This isn't for my next anthology, but for another anthology I'd really like to submit to. I'm not going to jinx it by naming it.

Today I took the day off and went to get my eyes examined -- they're an essential tool and it's important to keep them in top shape. I've picked out cool new frames, now I just have to wait a week or so for my lenses to be ready.

The office is a fair drive away and I could have picked one closer to home, but it's half optometrist, half frozen yogurt bar, and that (plus excellent frames) won me over. I love California.

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We're both waiting for new glasses right now, I see. :D

And yes, re: books - that is DEFINITELY a win.

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