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Dragon*Con travel is (belatedly) booked, arriving Thursday and leaving Monday. Through the generosity of some people we've never met, we were able to trade our room on the outer fringes of town for a room in a convention hotel. This will make everything (except dealing with elevators) considerably easier.

I'm going to be on one panel on the Podcasting track, but I don't know when it'll be.

I'm going to be helping out at the Pyr booth, but I don't know when yet.

I'm just a puddle of certainty for this one! But, I have faith that, as with any con, getting myself there is most of the battle. Schedules have a way of making themselves. Once I have an actual schedule, I'll post it on my actual blog.

Things I do know:

* My anthology will be there and on sale (at Chris Jackson's table, in the dealer's room).

* I will be wearing a corset, at least one day.

* I will be reachable by Twitter or text message. I will have email access, but it's not a reliable way to get an immediate response from me.

* Dragon Moon Press will be donating goodies for the door prize bags at the Parsec Awards ceremony.

* My commitment to avoiding caffeine is going to be challenged.

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Wow! Con after Con after Con! Hope you have a great time :)

You've got a busy upcoming schedule, yourself!

I'll miss you at this one. Hopefully we'll cross paths again soon. :)

Oh we will. My other half more or less told me I had to go to Chicago :)

Excellent! We will have to find more children for you to corner and horrify with tales of brains and sticks.

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